Guardian Series


I was born with the mark that singled me out as one of five Guardians who each protects an ancient scroll. You know the kind—the type of scroll that, when you possess it, you become a Super Jedi.

Who the hell decided that I should have this gig, and what the hell were they thinking, giving me that kind of responsibility? 

I had to learn all the rules about protecting my scroll, but now I've made up my own: I won't have anything to do with it or my supposed duties as a Guardian. The one time I followed their rules the person I loved most died. 

The new rule works too—until a mysterious man walks into my life. He knows too much, about me and the scrolls. And then I find out he's a Guardian too. Every time he looks at me, I can only wonder one thing: is he trying to steal my scroll or my heart?

**Previously Published as Marked by Passion**


Carrie didn’t want to go all Indiana Jones and steal a lost, ancient scroll out of a Chinese monastery. If she'd known the repercussions…

…she'd do the same thing, all over again. 

Because everything she's worked for—a tenured position at a prestigious university—is on the line. 

Except things start to happen around her—crazy, unexplainable things and near-death accidents. 

Then she meets one sexy man with an icy gaze who's determined to take the scroll back where it belongs, even if it means breaking her heart. 

**Previously Published as Chosen by Desire**


Willow will go to any lengths to exact justice from the man who murdered her mother.


For the first time in twenty years, she has a bead on his location: San Francisco. There's no question that she's going to follow him, even if he still wants the scroll he's already killed for once.


But she walks into a set-up and, instead of being the predator, she becomes the prey. Now not only is her mother's killer after her, but the police as well.


Willow is used to working alone, but the stakes are too high. To get what she wants she has to team up with the last person on earth she trusts: a sexy homicide detective who suspects her of murder. Worse: he's not just tempting—he's irresistible.


**Previously Published as Tempted by Fate**

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