Whimsical Novels of Young Love

Sweet Endeavors

I’ve been banished for the summer.

My parents don’t call it that. They call it “some quality downtime with my grandmother,” but I know better. It’s totally because of the scandal.


Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, living in a lighthouse with a woman I don’t know. The only good thing is that no one here knows what happened at home.




I’ve spent my life being invisible.

If you asked anyone about me, they’d reply, “Mara Reynolds? Who’s that?” And I don’t blame them. I pale next to the rest of my brilliant and uber-talented siblings. No one knows I exist—not my parents, not my teachers, and certainly not Kyle Jacobs, my soul mate.


Then the night of my sixteenth birthday, this woman in a really awesome cloak shows up. She claims to be a goddess and says she’s recruiting me to be Fate, meaning I’d have control over everyone’s lives—and deaths.


Yeah—I know. Like I need the added challenge in my life. But maybe this is my chance to make everyone notice me.

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