Irish Hope Series


An act of love that backfires.

A desperate quest that sends her to Ireland.

A hope for healing when everything looks impossible…

PAINTER OF SOULS, the first book in the Irish Hope series by #1 international bestselling author Kathia.


A world-renown artist from New Orleans, Abigail Angevine has always known two things: the women in her line have incredible psychic gifts and that she can heal people through her paintings. 


So it’s a no brainer to do a painting for her professional dancer best friend when she needs serious help. But Abby’s attempt to heal her backfires—badly—leaving her best friend unable to walk and Abby unable to paint. 


Powerless to correct the damage she knows is her fault, Abby searches for an alternate to cure them both. The only hope of healing rests in Ireland with Dr. Carrick Fionnlagh, known as the Miracle Worker. But Finn is haunted by his own ghosts and insists that he can’t help.  


Now, she isn’t only trying to heal her friend but the good doctor as well. And the stakes raise when she realizes that he isn’t just a doctor to her—he just might be her future. 


A lost dream.

The need to put away the past and face the future.

A chance for redemption and love…


DANCER OF TRUTHS, the second book in the Irish Hope series by #1 international bestselling author Kathia.


As a child, Madelynne Broussard knew that The Whispers lied.


So Lynne stopped listening. If she didn’t listen, she would be safe. She makes it work for her too, even professionally, even though she dances like she’s deaf. She just relies on others to show her the steps. 


But ever since an accident that threatens her career, it’s all coming back—the hearing, the knowing. She’s afraid of what she’s going to hear. Which voices can she trust, and which are lying? 

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