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An act of blind faith.

The destiny that can no longer be denied.

A second chance at first love…

SINGER OF VISIONS, the third book in the Irish Hope series by #1 international bestselling author Kathia.


Sarah Connelly wants one thing: to leave Tullaghan.

Ever since she returned to the small coastal in Ireland to take care of her ailing mother, all Sarah can think about is taking her seven-year-old daughter and moving back to Dublin, where everything was orderly and uncomplicated.

Because life is definitely complicated in Tullaghan.

Her mother is increasingly senile.
Her daughter is increasingly precocious.
And Sarah…

Well, she’s increasingly in pain. She can barely function from the headaches she gets from suppressing her sight. She swore years ago that she’d never see another vision ever again—no good came from knowing the future—but the dam that she’s built to keep them out is crumbling.

And what she sees scares her.

Singer of Visions

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