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When Kathia started to write, she wrote about love, because love was the most important thing in life.


Painting is no different: she takes what’s in her heart and tells the story, always with the intention to connect to her audience. What she expresses in words she also does in color and light. 

Below is a list of just a few of her series. If you're interested in a specific works or commissions, get in touch with her personally.


The Lies of Gods

Le commencement d'un nouveau chapitre.

Coming soon, and it's VERY exciting.





In the Cave

A series of nudes on ceramic tile, inspired by cave paintings.

Country Music

The neigh of a horse. The flock of feathers in flight. The sigh of the wind... The country had its own symphony, a melody that stays in your heart.



In My Room

"His voice was pitched low, the sort of voice every woman in the world longed to hear in her bedroom. The sort of voice she had heard in her bed—many times and yet not nearly enough."

— GAME ON, A Winners Inc. Novel



"I've been to a lot of islands around the world, but Ireland might be my favorite. The two years I lived there were magic. It's where horses race at dawn, where rainbows paint the sky, and where fairies dance on the wind."

— Kathia




“All I've thought about since the other day is stripping you bare and kissing every inch of you."




"To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses."      

— Oliver Wendell Holmes 




Women are silenced by parents. Women are silenced by men. Women are silenced by teachers. Women are silenced by society. Women are silenced by themselves and each other.

But no longer.


Shore Farm,
County Mayo

"The fairies led me to the Shore Farm. It was a magical place. I remember walking over and talking to the horses, seeing my friend Shane, and having tea up at the house. I remember all the laughter, and my heart smiles."

— Kathia



A Thousand Words

"Photography is nothing—it’s life that interests me.”

— Henri Cartier-Bresson 

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