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With over 6 million books sold (and counting), Kathia’s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world.

They’ve received starred reviews from Booklist, have consistently earned Editor’s Picks for Best Romance, and have been featured by O, The Oprah Magazine. Kathia has written over 40 books so far, some translated into several languages, all about hope and dreams and the bonds of friendship and family. She’s also written a couple screenplays and various poems (her ode to the color orange is particularly moving). 


In addition to writing, Kathia is an acclaimed artist and photographer. The first painting she sold was in Paris, her favorite city in the world. Her artwork expresses in color what her books do in words. She selectively does commissions.

Kathia has been a master of Kung Fu San Soo since 2009, and she’s taught tai chi to adults and children for over twenty years. She’s also a master in the kitchen, her specialty being handmade 3-Michelin star pasta (or so her chef friend claims). She’s never been able to follow a recipe (everyone loves an element of surprise, right?), which makes it ironic that she loves to formulate cosmetics and haircare products.


A passionate world traveler, she’s lived in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Paris, Madrid, New York, and Ireland. While she still loves to explore, she’s planted roots in the French countryside where she tends her flower garden (she can make any seed pop) and sings Edith Piaf to her burgeoning bonsai forest. On any day, you’ll find her at home with friends and family, a pot burbling on the stove and one of her many eclectic playlists playing festively in the background.

I’d always been a city girl. Living in the country opened my eyes to a new world.

I live in Provence now. The colors are different, and life has a unique rhythm. The air holds an electric magic, and the sun bathes the land in warm affection. 

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