Summerhill Series

Say You Will

Rosalind Summerhill is on the verge of becoming the next Vera Wang, as far away from her family and their drama as she can get. The last thing she wants is to deal with her father’s latest scandal—dying in his mistress’s arms. At least she can find comfort in knowing she can leave after the memorial.

Except not only is her father’s will missing but, according to his lawyer, her mother will lose everything if it’s discovered. Reluctantly joining forces with her sisters to seek and destroy the will is the only way of ensuring her father doesn’t win in the end.


Enter Nick Long, the one bright spot about being in London. Nick’s everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man—supportive, eager to help, and bone-meltingly hot. But Nick’s motives aren’t as pure as they seem, and the secret he’s keeping may tear Rosalind’s family and fortune apart.

Lost in Love

Portia Summerhill feels like a loser. Thirty-something, jobless, and living at home… How could she not? Next to her accomplished sisters, Portia’s achievements—or lack thereof—are that much more noticeable.


The one thing Portia can claim is expert knowledge on antiques and her ancestry, and in a moment of serendipity, the perfect job lands in her lap: curator at the Museum of British Peerage. There’s one caveat: the museum won’t hire her unless she brings the family jewels with her. Or, more specifically, the infamous Summerhill tiara.


Except a cowboy hotelier stands between her and her tiara. Jackson Waite needs help getting his newest posh hotel launched and, luckily for Portia, he’s willing to make a trade. If she helps him meet the deadline for his new resort, he’ll give her the tiara. Only, the more time she spends with Jackson, the more Portia wonders if she wants the tiara or the man keeping it from her.

Let's Misbehave

Imogen Summerhill, box office darling, has never wanted to be in the spotlight less. 

When racy photos—and video!—are leaked by her sleazy ex, her studio couldn't be happier. All press is good press, and this will only enhance the intrigue about her upcoming blockbuster. But how is Gigi supposed to be taken seriously as an actress with all this inappropriate buzz? She’s Cate Blanchett, not Kim Kardashian. 

Meeting Merrick Graham, the Bad Boy of Politics, is the last thing she needs. Neither wants to be tainted by more scandal: Merrick needs the support of the conservatives, and Gigi wants to untarnish her image. 

Only they can't resist each other, and separately they're good but in the bedroom they're even better. They can’t be seen together in public, but in private all’s fair game, and there’s plenty of room to misbehave...

Stay the Night

One bad decision… Photographer Titania Summerhill knew better than to let her mentor talk her into being his “friend with benefits.” Now that she refuses to date him, he has her blacklisted from selling her pictures to any magazine bigger than "Cat Fancy." 

She finds an editor who's willing to give her another shot—but only if she does a photo essay on the most reclusive football star in Britain: Ian MacNiven. 

Since a near-fatal accident that appears to have ended his career, Ian’s refused to do any media appearances. But Titania wrangles an invitation to stay with him, never expecting that the wounded sports star would distract her from what she wants. 

Except what she wants is out of focus, and Ian’s the only thing in her viewfinder. Will she complete the assignment despite him, or respect his wish for privacy and lose her hard-won career? 

Once Upon a Dream

Summer Welles wants the fairy tale. The illegitimate daughter of Reginald Summerhill, Summer listened to her mother's stories about the Summerhill girls all her life. In her mind, she was part of the stories too—living in the castle, wearing fancy dresses, and falling in love with Prince Charming. 
Her wish came true. Mostly. She lives in the Summerhill mansion. She has stepsisters—nice ones who don't make her clean the chimney. She even has a magical wedding dress waiting for her special day. The only thing missing is the prince. 
What Summer didn't count on was mistaking a masked frog for her prince. But once she kisses the mysterious man, he won't go away. And he's not charming or princely—he's more interested in ravishing her rather than riding off into the sunset. With her fairy tale at stake, Summer's faced with her own quest: sacrifice her Happily Ever After, or turn her back on the one man who makes her feel alive? 

How Sweet It Is

Viola Summerhill loves her sisters… Except when they suggest a rebound fling is just the thing to wash away the bad taste left from her recently crumbled marriage. 

Viola knows she can't find happiness in sex or another person. She needs to find happiness within.

But reinventing herself to regain the identity she lost being a wife and a mother isn't easy. And starting an art gallery in London is even less so—especially when the artist she wants most distracts her from her purpose. 

Give a Little

Beatrice Summerhill loves risk. She's not afraid to go for what she wants, regardless of anything or anyone standing in her way. 

Enter Luca Fiorelli, the "Italian Stallion" racecar driver. 

Normally, Bea would have dismissed the preening peacock without a thought, but Luca somehow manages to get under her skin—and her covers. She can't resist him, and she knows he's not good for her, so she shuts him out. 

Until he dangles the most tempting carrot in front of her: an irresistible business venture that will take her career to the next level and make her a female Jeff Bezos. Unfortunately, Luca not only holds the key, but he's taken it for ransom. All Bea needs to do is give a little and close the deal... If she's willing to risk everything—including her heart. 

Make My Wish Come True

Chloe’s life is a complete disaster.


At twenty-eight, she’s back home living with her parents—jobless, aimless, and hopeless. (Insert a whimper here.) It was supposed to be HER year, topped off with the perfect wedding to the perfect guy. Instead, this year’s been total hell.


And how does one end the year from hell? Sequestered with the entire Summerhill family in an estate in Ireland for the holidays, of course. (God save us all.)


But despite everything, it shapes up to have all the makings for an epic holiday…


All her well-meaning Summerhill aunts? Check.

A gaggle of nosy young cousins? Check.

A seriously hot man in the next estate who makes her feel like happily ever after could be a reality for her? DOUBLE CHECK.

This Could Be the Night

A buttoned-up psychiatrist who believes sex is overrated is given the opportunity of a lifetime to be proven wrong…

Get your copy...

The Words You Say

Cake is like sex: delicious and spicy. 


And, according to Henriette Buchanan (wedding cake baker extraordinaire), a wedding cake should be doubly so. After all, it represents the lusciousness of a couple’s future, laced with intentions for a happy, fulfilled life. 


If only someone would bake her a cake like that. Only the intentions she’d ask for would be success, because unless she manages a MAJOR coup, her fledgling cake business is going to take a dive before it’s even taken off.

Enter Liam Buckley, aka Hot Chef and Henri’s what if? 


For Liam, Henri was the one who got away. Now he wants a second chance. Knowing her business is at a critical juncture, he creates an elaborate plan to help her. 


Step one: have his big shot sister pretend to have a celebrity wedding (ordering a big cake and inviting big media to spotlight it).


Step two: invite Henri to their old Irish manor house to make it (the better to woo her).


Step three: steal kisses from Henri as they get cooking (yum).


Henri is tempted by what Liam is serving, but with the media coverage the wedding promises, she’s focused on her masterpiece. Love can wait, right? She doesn’t have time to have her cake and eat it too.


But things get out of hand: add a fake fiancé, an irreverent plumber, and a few Summerhill cousins into the mix, and it’s chaos in County Mayo. Will Henri and Liam be able to create their own perfect future, or will it collapse under the pressure? 

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