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Imogen Summerhill, box office darling, has never wanted to be in the spotlight less. 

When racy photos—and video!—are leaked by her sleazy ex, her studio couldn't be happier. All press is good press, and this will only enhance the intrigue about her upcoming blockbuster. But how is Gigi supposed to be taken seriously as an actress with all this inappropriate buzz? She’s Cate Blanchett, not Kim Kardashian. 

Meeting Merrick Graham, the Bad Boy of Politics, is the last thing she needs. Neither wants to be tainted by more scandal: Merrick needs the support of the conservatives, and Gigi wants to untarnish her image. 

Only they can't resist each other, and separately they're good but in the bedroom they're even better. They can’t be seen together in public, but in private all’s fair game, and there’s plenty of room to misbehave...

Let's Misbehave

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