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A man who's been burned…

The magic touch? Trent Summerhill Waite has it. He can tell fakes from treasures by the tingle in his fingers—an enviable skill in his line of work as an antiquities trader. When he lights up at their first touch, he knows Rhiannon is the real deal.


It’s easy to trust her in his bed, but with his career? Not so much. The last woman he trusted his heart to left his reputation in shambles. Can he have faith in Rhiannon’s offer to help him resurrect it?


A woman who sets him on fire…

Rhiannon Byrne lives by the rigid rules her academic parents set but hasn't achieved the same professional respect they attained before their deaths. A bookstore owner in rural Ireland, she’s alone with her books and dusty dreams.


Until she uncovers a rare Druid manuscript, an undiscovered teaching of Merlin—and along with it, the identity of her real father is. Trent is the only man who can help her discover the truth. Maybe it's time to break a few rules, including that one about mixing business and pleasure.


And maybe—just maybe—love will rise from the ashes of their past.

Sassy. Sexy. Smart.
Meet the next generation of Summerhills.

Written in the Sky So Blue

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