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What do you get the man who has everything? Love.


And Luke Summerhill Waite has definitely had it all: incredible success, more money than any man needs in several lifetimes, adventure, travel, women, and a family he treasures. But he’s never had love—not the way his parents Portia and Jackson have.


Enter Dr. Áine Buckley.


Elegant, stunning, and intelligent, Áine takes one look at him and declares that he’d never be able to satisfy her in bed. She insists that it’d be a mistake to get involved with him.


In Luke’s mind, the only mistake would be to let Áine get away. She feels right in his arms as they dance. A part of him that’s been asleep comes to life when he’s with her, and he’s the better person for it. He needs to convince her to take a chance and give him the opportunity to explore how right they could be together.


One week away—that’s all he’s asking.


He just has to get her to say yes.

This Could Be the Night

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