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I just broke up with the perfect man. 

I mean, Barry doesn't make my heart race or anything, and his kisses are like macking on a dead fish. 

Except my mom likes him—a lot. When I hear her bragging about me to my sister, The Perfect One, I know I've got to get him back, if only for a little while. My whole life I've been trying to do ONE THING that'll make me equal to The Perfect One, and this seems to be it in my mother's eyes. If I have to suck it up and kiss a fish, so be it.

For once, I'm going to be the one my parents are proud of. 

Only Barry throws a wrench in my plan by finding another girlfriend two seconds after we broke up. The jerk. Not that it deters me: I figure if I date his best friend Rio, Barry will realize how much he misses me and come crawling back. 

But I totally didn't count on falling in love with Rio. He's a bad boy boxer whose kisses take me to heaven—and I know my mom will never allow him in her Christmas cards.

Playing to Win

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