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Here’s the thing: I’m a love psychic. I help people find their soul mate. I’m famous for it.


No, I haven’t looked for my own soul mate yet.


Do I believe in love? Absolutely.

Do I believe in happily ever after? With another person?? Well…


I’ve never believed my Forever included someone else—I have my parents’ wild divorce to thank for that.


Only I get called out on national television for not having a true love, so to stop the danger to my business, I devise a plan: find my soul mate and go on a few dates with no expectations. Because I don’t really believe in Forever, remember? I can say I tried but it didn’t work out. My business is safe—and so is my heart.


Only when I meet him in the charming Gold Rush town where he’s the police chief, it’s totally love at first sight, like it should be with your soul mate.


For him, not so much.

Didn’t see that coming.


And that’s a dilemma, because maybe I DO want him to be my Forever. Except his wall is even taller than mine, and he’s determined to keep me—and love—out of his life.


What if I can’t convince him to give us a chance? It’s more than protecting my business now--my heart is at risk here. Thank goodness the entire town is determined to throw us together. Because failing to win his heart is SO not gonna happen.

My Big Comeback Romance

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