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Chloe’s life is a complete disaster.


At twenty-eight, she’s back home living with her parents—jobless, aimless, and hopeless. (Insert a whimper here.) It was supposed to be HER year, topped off with the perfect wedding to the perfect guy. Instead, this year’s been total hell.


And how does one end the year from hell? Sequestered with the entire Summerhill family in an estate in Ireland for the holidays, of course. (God save us all.)


But despite everything, it shapes up to have all the makings for an epic holiday…


All her well-meaning Summerhill aunts? Check.

A gaggle of nosy young cousins? Check.

A seriously hot man in the next estate who makes her feel like happily ever after could be a reality for her? DOUBLE CHECK.

Make My Wish Come True

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