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The moment he saw Emily, Didier knew she was The One…

But life doesn’t always turn out the way one expects. Three years ago, their passion and feelings kept them together secretly until their careers had gotten in the way. He, the famous footballer, and she the famous relationship expert.


Now she’s back when he needs her most…

Didier expected to play football until his last breath, only a heart ailment no one could diagnose forced him into an early retirement, coaching other people on how to do what he used to do so well: win.


Only she needs him in her greatest hour of need…

Emily’s in a PR maelstrom of her own making, now the fallen love guru and runaway bride. When she shows up on his doorstep, she asks him to figure out how to climb out of the fallout and win again. But Didier can’t help wondering if she showed up for more than just her career.


Maybe this is their second chance at love, and this time, they both can win.


Witty. Wacky. Winning.

With Winners Inc., the game plan to happily ever after is a sure thing.

Game On

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