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Like snippets from life, stories, and other sundries, a couple times a month. Like...

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I'm at the café!

But I'm at a different café. The point of view is different here. I wonder what I'll see.

There's something about this corner that makes people honk their horn, like all their frustrations are bottled up at this intersection and they need to express.


A man I see all the time just walked by. He smiled and said bonjour. Really, I wouldn't be surprised if he followed me around town.


Ava and our friend Emilie tease me about my "admirers." I'm rolling my eyes.


A very elegant woman in chic black just came here for a cappuccino to take away. She looked just so, carrying the mug back to her office. I wonder if she'd been a model.


Did you know I was a lip model one time? That's a story for another day.


Today? I'm thinking about gods and the rantings of lunatics. I'm thinking about promises never given and a bag that carries lost dreams.

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