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On the field, he’s a king.

Danny Osei owns it. He can do no wrong. As captain, he knows how to steer his team to championships, and he always gets the results he wants. The world believes he’s a winner.


Off the field, not so much.

In his personal life, those usually flawless instincts suck. But, really, how could he have known lending money—a TON of money—to his cousin to start a business would go so bad? It’s family, and generosity is a virtue, right? Only now Danny’s tapped out and facing bankruptcy, and the mental strain is starting to bleed into his game, threatening his contract.


There’s only one play left…

To ask his former nemesis, Jamie MacNiven, for help. The head of a new boutique life coaching service, Winners Inc., Jamie is the only person to consistently beat Danny on the field. Danny figures since the man could always mess with his head, Jamie’s the best bet to help him screw it back on straight. Because time’s running out, and Danny’s losing—big time.

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