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The Lies of Gods

Carrick the Loyal lived by his vows to the king. And so when the king’s seer foretold his death on the battlefield where the ravens do not cry, he accepted it as his duty.


Only he didn’t die.


“He’s defied the gods,” he hears whispered. “He’s defied the king, for the king is of the gods.” Worse: after a lifetime of faithful service, his king looks at him in equal parts calculation, jealousy, and fear. Carrick the Defiant they call him now, because he’s made the gods liars.


To set things right and prove his continued fealty, Carrick agrees to set out on a treacherous mission for the king: to fetch the famed Blue Seer. Reputed to be flawless in her predictions, Carrick knows she has the power to countermand what was foretold before and restore his good his name.


The Blue Seer holds his life in her hands. Only when they meet, she tells him their fates are joined—for he will continue to live, even as the king and the gods want him to die.

The Lies of Gods

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