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Everyone wants the Blue Seer.


Elin knew the dangers of posting the prophecies under the cloak of night. Kings and peasants alike would want to own her and her visions from the gods. Her only comfort? That they were looking for a man because The Order teaches that only men can prophesize.


How typical.


But when she receives a prophecy that the most powerful ruler in the Five Lands will die, and so will his protector—Carek the Loyal, the famed warrior—she knows that it’s only a matter of time before she’s discovered. The hunt they will unleash will shake the world.


There’s only one man who can help her—the man she’s seen over and over in her visions since becoming a woman. Tall, dark, compelling—he dominates her dreams and stirs her fantasies. Will she ever meet him? Will she ever kiss him in real life instead of in her mind? Will he be able to protect her once she finds him?


Only when they meet, she realizes he can’t—he’s Carek, and she’s already predicted his death—making her ask: have the gods lied or is it somehow her destiny to change his fate, making her the most powerful one of them all…


A woman who speaks for the gods.

A queen vying for another kingdom.

A high priest with great ambitions.

A king whose kingdom is crumbling.

An heir who is willing to do anything for the throne.

A warrior with a destiny not even the gods know…



The Lies of Gods

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