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She stretched out and smiled. "Take me, big boy," she dared him. He poured over her, eager to taste the spice in that smile. "That's a challenge I can rise to," he murmured as he began to make good on his promise.

The Perfection of You

She stands before him and all he sees is perfection. The curves, the hills, the valleys of her landscape... Uncharted territory that makes him eager to explore.

A Hard Love to Forget

Any day now she'd be with him. She'd hold his hand. She'd feel the laughter rumble in his chest. She'd sigh with every kiss he'd gift her. Slowly—so slowly—she'd unwrap him from the inside out to reveal the whole of him: all the love in his heart as well as his body.

Acrylic on ceramic tile.
24" x 12"

Series #1

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