Standalone Novels


Project Daddy

I only want one thing: a home of my own. (It's totally understandable given growing up we were constantly getting evicted.) 

The roadblock: San Francisco's housing market is nuts, and I can't afford a home on my current salary. (But I could if I got the promotion my boss offers me.)

The catch: it requires me to go above and beyond my job description: she wants me to find her a man. (To have a baby with. Crazy, right?) 

Enter: Project Daddy. (Because I REALLY want a home, and this promotion is my golden ticket.) 

The problem: the only man I know is my best friend Luc. (And the more my boss is into him, the more I realize I REALLY don't like it.) 

The kicker: I might be in love with him. (Whoops.)

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