Praise for Kathia's Artwork

Joseph Dario Gonzalez, Esq., former lead counsel for Masry & Vititoe, the firm depicted in the movie Erin Brockovich:

"As an environmental justice attorney with over 20 years of experience, I have observed that there are a handful of people who impact our lives by sheer force of will.  Kati is one of those rare people who communicates through art.  

"Whether it be novels or or paintings, Kati’s spirit will compel you to see beyond the obvious.  She places a part of her grand spirit into her art.  

"If you are lucky, you can allow yourself to be touched by Kati’s artistic expressions.  In my house, my wife keeps one of Kati’s paintings directly above her desk so that she can lean back and be touched by Kati’s incredible magic."

Robert Kessler, Grammy- and Oscar-winning recording producer: 

"The work sings with power, beauty, passion, and mystery. Grand in scale and scope while personal and introspective."

Ava Miles, International Bestselling Author of Nora Roberts Land and The Goddess Guides:

"A visual exploration of what it means to be human—to live, dream, savor, rise up, fight, love."

Steve Owens, professional tennis player and renowned coach:

"Kathia's work sees through to the heart of things, and she shows it with great fanfare."

Praise for Kathia's Books

“A winning and entertaining combination of humor and pathos.” — Booklist

"A storyteller, weaving magic wherever she goes, much to the delight of her millions of fans." — The Literary Shed 



“Perry’s storytelling skills just keep getting better and better!”  — Romantic Times Book Reviews

“I absolutely love Kate Perry! I found that she was able to keep my interest, keep the story light, funny, build in romance and still have some twists to keep me on my toes! I love to read romances where the characters are quirky and make me laugh! Thank you, Kate Perry!” — Hot Romance Novel Reviews

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