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Kathia Zolfaghari is an international bestselling author, artist, and activist for artists' rights. Through the different facets of her work, she inspires people to raise their voices together to affect love and change.  


Reclaiming her authentic voice and making it heard has been an ongoing theme in Kathia's life. As a child, Kathia struggled with cultural restrictions of what she was allowed and not allowed to do. At fourteen, she won a coveted scholarship for the summer arts program at Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Her father, though he let her apply, forbade her to attend. 


Her colors were taken from her, her voice muffled. She didn't paint for thirty years.


Kathia couldn't sustain being silenced. The more she witnessed the box culture and society wanted to place her and other women in, the more insistent she was to live life on her terms. She began to take back her natural expression in order to become financially, emotionally, and spiritually independent.

The art and intention of martial arts catapulted this journey. Through its study, she learned that she possessed everything she needed and that the peace she sought was already hers. Kathia has studied for over two decades and is a master in Kung Fu San Soo.

Though she earned a degree in French literature from UC Berkeley, it took Kathia many years before she decided to pursue a career in writing. When she did, she defied the odds of publishing and became an international bestselling author as Kate Perry. Acclaimed for her visual brand and sparkling voice, she has over 40 books published, all about women empowering themselves through love to realize their dreams. Many of her fictional characters are artists. Her stories have a wide global readership and are translated into several languages. She is one of iBook's all-time bestselling authors, ranking alongside EL James and James Patterson.


Words are expression, but writing wasn't enough. Painting became Kathia's second vehicle for personal expression. She brings the same boldness, vision, and passion to her groundbreaking art debut, a series of paintings called "Expression"—a composite of all women to reclaim their true voices.

Her divorce and the ensuing landmark decision that resulted in the loss of nineteen of her books and derivatives, the copyrights of which the judge awarded to her ex-husband, spurred Kathia to advocate for and educate artists in how to protect their expressions from being exploited or taken. She founded the Foundation for Creative Rights and Expression as a way to make copyright accountable to what it purports to do. She believes creative expression is one of the things that makes the United States great, and no one should be forced to give away what they poured their heart and soul into.

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