About the Expression Series

As a Persian-born woman, I know what it's like to have my expression stifled. And I'm not alone.


Women are silenced by parents.

Women are silenced by men.

Women are silenced by teachers.

Women are silenced by society.

Women are silenced by themselves and each other.


But no longer.


Every woman has a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard—now more than ever. From Wonder Woman to #metoo, women are demanding to be seen and to express themselves in the full totality of who they are and what they've experienced.


I reclaimed my voice by recognizing my connection to the divine and that my place in the world mattered. This series, Expression, was born as a bold representation of that divine purpose. As Da Vinci said, "Realize that everything connects to everything else."


Expression consists of nine paintings. The number nine spiritually signifies the completion of a creative cycle and the action taken in the direction of one's life purpose. Each painting depicts a different stage of reclaiming one's voice:












The turquoise blue of the figures represents the throat chakra: the seat of self-expression in Eastern philosophy. The painting Power is the exception, with the turquoise color surrounding the body, symbolizing a manifestation of expression in the world, through the power that's from within every woman.


In the way of the Egyptians and Renaissance artists, the gold in this series represents the divine—the magic that inspires, guides, and supports us. It envelops us in grace and love, even when we aren't aware it exists.  


The time has come for us as women to stand in equal power in the world. Our expressions—thoughts and emotions, fears and joys—contribute to the world. Expression celebrates that beauty.

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